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Horsepower is a leading automotive marketing agency with the primary focus of transforming the nation’s independent car dealerships into sharper, smarter, better versions of themselves. As a full-service automotive advertising agency, Horsepower has been providing solutions that deliver value to car dealer marketing strategies for over 10 years. Working with our clients on their most challenging issues requires in-depth industry and functional expertise. Our automotive marketing teams are here to help you overcome challenges and meet and surpass your auto advertising goals.

In little more than a decade, we have grown from being the automotive television ad agency to a full service automotive media company with a portfolio of tools that create industry leading solutions for the automotive industry. The company has produced hundreds of automotive advertising campaigns, manages 15 automotive campaigns and operates 25 websites. At Horsepower, we focus on how car buyers experience your brand. We have strategically designed our solutions to deliver a consistent, tailored, and targeted message to the consumer at touch point during the consumer decision journey.

Horsepower understands the challenges of the car business. Our team is committed to meeting your needs and addressing the challenges that face your dealership. We take a value-based approach to marketing, which, in turn, enables us to establish trust and a rapport with our dealerships.

To develop captivating automotive advertising campaigns, our team must have in-depth industry expertise and understand the specific needs of the car buyer. We strive for excellence daily, and invest significant time and effort into educating our team to build the industry leaders of tomorrow. Applying the knowledge attained through continuous focused research about car buying habits, real-time and historical user data, and their impact on the automotive advertising strategy enables us to help our clients achieve superior results.

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