Content That Is Relevant To The Customers Needs

Horsepower is improving the car buying experience with rich, relevant content and engaging tools. Our customer segmentation strategy provides deeper profiles of each dealership's customer base and client DMA. Creating experiences that are directed at specific dimension increases conversion rates and enhances the you ability to identify and direct marketing efforts at profitable customers.

The Horsepower Approach

  • Attract the appropriate audience.
  • Track online behavior to see key abandonment points and discover digital trends.
  • Test and optimize content as consumer behaviors continually change.
  • Segment and rank customers based on profitability and portfolio performance.
  • Your dedicated team is ready to help.

Your team of automotive advertising experts will help you analyze data, develop a testing plan, conduct tests, interpret the results, and provide clear reporting that you can share across your company

Engaging Experiences Sell More Cars

?Creating meaningful connections a across the consumer lifecycle, will continually reduce marketing cost and generate more revenue for your dealership.

Automotive Landing Pages Tailored

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To Your Customer

A Landing Page is an individual web page that

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appears when the consumer clicks on an digital advertisement or a search result for your dealership. Think of landing pages as a digital extension of your car lot and an important component in your automotive marketing strategy. In search engine marketing, the landing page is the first digital touch point that prospective car buyers see when they come across your dealership online. Just as your dealership has a wide selection of cars in inventory, it is essential multiple landing pages tailor to the specific needs of the car buyer.

Purpose Of Automotive Landing Pages

One of the biggest reasons dealerships fail to convert impressions into car sales is because of poorly designed landing pages. In fact, most car dealer websites convert less than 3% of traffic into sales leads. Each page must engaged the users so that they stay on the page and are willing to interact with the content. If the car buyer has to think too much prior to giving you their information, then more than likely the landing page is not effective in addressing their needs. Our automotive strategists continually analyze the psychological behaviors of consumers to create engaging pages that adapts to the individual user's experience.

A landing page creates the ability to engage the consumer by addressing thier individual needs at the touch point. Landing pages at various touch points along the car buying journey creates a more engaging experience and optimized lead conversion process that increase digital marketing ROI.

Our automotive digital marketing strategists understand car dealer marketing better than anyone else and will work with your dealership to clarify business goals and clearly define targets. The Horsepower team will create captivating landing pages; these will become a critical aspect of your automotive digital marketing strategy and be a sales conversion tool to drive more traffic into your showroom. The landing pages will be fully optimized with keyword-rich content that is monitored and updated on a daily basis to build and maintain a strong digital presence.

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