Automotive Social Media

Social media in its relatively short period of existence has been rapidly adopted by consumers and will play an increasingly important role in your automotive marketing strategy. It took 13 years for commercial television to reach 50 million household and 3 years for Internet service providers to sign their 50 millionth subscriber. Facebook hit the 50 million user market in just one year and Twitter in nine months. ?With the increasing importance of ?two way?? conversation between your dealership and car buyers, social media is an excellent tool to keep customer engaged post purchase.

What Our Automotive Social Media Team Does

Our social media team will work with your dedicated relationship manager to formulate a social media strategy that will engage car buyers and provide consumer-driven tools that will increase customer retention and drive referral traffic your ?showroom. ?The Horsepower Social Media Team will:

Automotive Social Media Strategies That Engage Car Buyers And Boost Retention

Social Media Marketing enhances the car buyer?s decision journey because dealerships are able to interact with potential customers and develop on-going relationships. The promotion of your business through digital touch points helps your dealership effectively reach targeted groups. The social media strategy of your dealership creates a quick and powerful way to engage targeted car buyers.

35% of Americans have at least 1 social networking account

40% of Facebook users who click on ad will make a purchase


An efficacious social media crisis plan is imperative for the protection and sustainability of your dealership?s reputation. It is not a matter of IF a social media crisis will happen; it is when. Therefore, a Social Media Crisis Plan must be in place to promptly address any situation. Our team of strategists will promptly execute necessary actions to minimize or eliminate the adverse impact on your dealership?s reputation from a negative event.


Engaging car buyers is a lot more complex today. Social media has made the world smaller, empowered consumers, and created new competitors. The number of mobile devices with broadband internet access has exploded, transforming when, where, and how consumer use information and engage with your dealership. The emergence of social media and digital marketing channels has drastically altered the car buying process and the way the consumer are willing and expected to interact with your dealership. The automotive sales process has evolved from a car buying marketing funnel to a cyclical car buying journey with control of the customer relationship in the hands of the empowered consumer.

Connect and Engage. Ensure that your digital touch points are accessible to car buyers wherever, however, or whenever the consumer demands. Each touch point should provide a consistent message that is consistent with the automotive marketing strategy and that addresses the consumer's need at the specific touch point. When developing your digital touch points take in to consideration the preferences, intent, devices and mode of consumer interaction.

Know more. It is essential that you obtain as much information about your customer prior to the point of sale. Have the right information at the point of purchase improves your ability to deliver a strong sales presentation as well as you ability to retain customers who become loyal dealership advocates. Increase conversion my personalizing content, messages, and incentives based on real-time information provided at digital touch points.

Keep It Simple and Rewarding. Proactively engage customers through

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a multi-channel orchestration of marketing efforts. Publicize the value of being a lifetime customer at your dealership with referral and loyalty programs that engage consumers in social networks.

Consumers most often rely on online touch points to conduct initial research into car buying options. Car dealers can leverage the engaging digital tools provided by Horsepower ot attract these potential customers to digital resources that represent you dealership and provide them with the informatin they seek. These digital resources provide comprehensive solutions and car buying research ranging from guided selling interactions to engaging financial calculators.

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